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“Don’t fear change, embrace it.” – Author: Anthony J. D’Angelo, the College Blue Book  

Today many children spend much of their time in the care of someone other than their parent/ guardian. Placing a child in center based care can be stressful for the child, family and child care providers. Research tells us that the older the child the easier the transition will be. However, many parents/guardians do not have a choice of when or if their child will enter center based care or often even between full or part time care. Your child’s care provider will play a big role in your child’s growth and development. Being prepared and considering needs and resources will make this transition time as smooth and stress free as possible for all children and families (this website also includes information and resources for children with special needs and/or disabilities.) Some issues to focus on may include:

  • Types of care available
  • Child’s physical and mental health
  • Caregiver and center qualities
  • Center policies and guidelines
  • Parent/guardian strengths and needed supports
  • Parent/guardian role and responsibilities
  • Communication skills and methods
  • Conflict resolution
  • Safety and health considerations
  • Bonding and social relationships
  • Support services and community resources for families