Health and Development (HC)

Transitioning from home to a center based setting may occur by placing your child in an infant toddler child care program, enrolling in a local preschool, or going from home to kindergarten (public school or  private).  You may experience reservations about your child’s ability to adjust to the change he/she will encounter in any of these transitions. If timing permits, a gradual phase-in may support the adjustment period, as well as planning for a visit to the new environment.  Other helpful supports include reading books about the transition, talking to your child about feelings, getting permission for  him/her to  take a favorite toy, etc.

Health and Nutrition is important for a child’s growth and development. Special diet needs will need to be shared with potential center based programs prior to a child’s transition from home to a center based setting. Allergies to foods or medicines should be emphasized on Emergency Cards.

Health Issues  Finding Good Child Care

  • Staffing, cleanliness, play, sleep
  • Smoke-free environment
  • Variety of foods to promote growth and development but prevent obesity