Interagency Collaboration (HC)

Collaboration at this transition point will require communication between the family and potential center based programs they are intereste in prior to selection. If family selects more than one program (e.g., Head Start and a Child care Center), special attention should be given to making sure those agencies are aware of jointly serving the child and family. Communication between/ among the family and partnering agencies/ programs will assure transition success for all involved. If you would like to know more about regional and local resources, download the KY Regional Resource Guide or contact the local Family Resource Center with the local school district.   (this link needs to be reestablished once the doc is saved  to  the word  library)

To find an Interagency Transition Agreement, Interagency Transition Plan, or Interagency Transition Self Assessment for your area, Please go to Kentucky Partnership Website (KECTP) .