Interagency Collaborations (ITP)

To find an Interagency Transition Agreement, Interagency Transition Plan, or Interagency Transition Self-Assessment for your area, Please go to Kentucky Partnership Website (KECTP)       not sure of the address for this site?

Interagency collaboration for this transition point involves all agencies/programs in the community or region providing services for infant/toddlers and preschoolers (entry or exit). Effective collaboration requires joint planning and partnering. Partnering is established and maintained through the development of a mechanism for communication and information sharing across agencies. The team focus becomes development of a systematic plan for transition which includes understanding important aspects of existing or changing agency policies, roles, responsibilities and timelines. Interagency collaboration requires all stakeholders to value each other’s opinions and share responsibilities for making  transition work.

If a community decides not to develop an interagency agreement – another option to consider would be joint development of policies and procedures from early  intervention to Preschool. This would include the early intervention providers within the community and the preschool providers (school district, Head Start, private preschools).  This could be accomplished at the regional level though the Special Education Cooperatives  and the District Early Intervention Councils or at the local level. 

For additional information regarding regional and local resources in KY, click on the KY  Regional Resource Guide or contact the local Family Resource Center with the local school  district.  Although this guide may be somewhat outdated, it could be used as a model for potential Resources Guides for any state, region or community as it reflects unique family supports around access of resources.    check the link and revision of the doc with  Beth-Brenda