Interagency Collaboration (MHS)

Typically, during the transition from middle to high school “interagency” collaboration will actually be collaboration between middle school (sending school) and high school (receiving school) teachers, as opposed to agencies outside the school system.

The need for curriculum articulation for all teachers at all levels should be clearly understood. Teachers from sending and receiving schools can meet to discuss curriculum and instructional practices.

Teachers from receiving schools can visit the sending schools to initiate personal contacts.

  • Guidance counselors and special education teachers from each school can meet to share information.
  • Students of the receiving school can become “ambassadors” of goodwill.
  • Student-to-student contact, preceded by a discussion of what information might be useful to new students, can help establish personal links.
  • Sending-school students can be paired with receiving-school students for visitation days.
  • Letters between students in the sending and receiving schools can be exchanged.
  • Programs new to the entering students can be highlighted during student visitations.