Preschool to Primary (PP)

“There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” — Author:  Graham Green

The beginning of primary school P-1, traditionally referred to as Kindergarten, represents the true beginning of formal education for all children and their families. This event can bring many uncertainties and worries for both children and adults. Entering the Primary Program is also a time of excitement and curiosity. With preparation, entrance to primary can be a time of adventure and fun. Some issues to consider during this transition period are:

  • Common parent and child anxiety
  • Communication between school staff and parents (Guardians)
  • Parent/Guardians involvement at school
  • Child’s physical and mental health
  • Change in roles, routines and expectations of child and family
  • Social/Emotional developmental level of child
  • Support services required, community resources and service coordination
  • Transportation